Gatsby Set of 2 Coffee & Side Table Round Fluted Glass & Brushed Gold Metal Bundle

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Elevate any living space with the Gatsby Coffee Table Nest in Gold. Crafted from exquisite fluted glass and gold-finished metal, this remarkable coffee table set adds a luxurious touch to your home.

With its high-quality construction, it promises to be an enduring centrepiece in your abode for years to come. Inject a touch of opulence into your living room with the Gatsby Table Range in Gold. Embellish your home with this captivating piece of furniture and make a style statement.

- Add texture and personality to your home - An instant classic, our Gatsby Round Fluted Glass Table range is sure to be the star of the show. Its unique fluted glass design creates a stunning effect, while the gold finish adds an elegant touch of glamour that will never go out of style.

- Durable construction - Crafted with high-quality materials, this coffee & side table is designed for lasting use. The steel frame is vacuum-plated for extra protection, while the tempered glass top ensures maximum durability. Easy to assemble too!

- On-trend design - Invite sophistication into your living area with this timelessly stylish piece of furniture. Our Gatsby Round Fluted Glass Coffee Table range will make a statement in any room and add just the right amount of luxury to complete your space.


Material: Stainless Steel Frame 5mm fluted tempered glass

Finish: Vacuum-plated coating for a superior finish, strength and durability

Colour: Antique Gold

Assembly: Required

Coffee Table

Size: 70W x 70D x 37H (as table nest - use side table legs - 70cm W x 70cm D x 47cm H)

Height From Floor To Under Table Top: 35cm 

(as table nest - use side table legs - Height From Floor To Under Table Top: 44.5cm)

Weight: 7.5kg

Side Table

Size: 48W x 48D x 47H  (as table nest - use coffee table legs - 48cm W x 48cm D x 37cm H)

Height From Floor To Under Table Top: 44.5cm

(as table nest - use coffee table legs - Height From Floor To Under Table Top: 355cm)

Weight: 4.7k

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Furniture Shipping Australia & USA
All You Need to Know.

We ship all furniture in Australia from our Rosebery Warehouse.

All furniture in the USA is shipped from our Chicago warehouse. 

We use Flat Shipping rates to make shopping easier.

Australia & USA – Flat Rates available in the shopping cart.

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The Gatsby Round Fluted Glass & Gold Table Set

Choose Your Style

Create the look you want, when you want! Add versatility to your living room with the stunning Gatsby Coffee & Side Table Set.

Use the set as two separate coffee and side tables or as a one-of-a-kind table nest centrepiece. Add elegance and style to any room with this unique, luxurious set.

Available In Gold Or Gunmetal Grey

The Versatile Gatsby Table Set

Texture & Personality

Add texture, personality and sophistication to your home with Fluted Glass! Its distinctive lines create a beautiful organic flow, while its vertical grooves diffuse the light in an enchanting manner. The perfect finishing touch for any room, this eye-catching piece will add elegance and style to your interior.

Customer Reviews

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Tremaine V
This looks awesome in my office. Thank you...

This looks awesome in my office. Thank you!

Looks better in real life.

Great art deco style, easy to keep clean, finger print safe?


What Is Fluted Glass?

Fluted glass refers to glass panels or surfaces that have decorative vertical grooves or channels running along them. It is a popular design element used in modern furniture and architecture.

Overall, fluted glass offers a combination of visual, functional, and textural benefits, making it a popular choice for modern furniture design.

What Are The Benefits Of Fluted Glass?

1. Visual Appeal: Fluted glass adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to furniture pieces. The grooves create a visually interesting texture that can enhance the overall aesthetic of the piece.

2. Diffused Light: The fluted texture of the glass helps to scatter and diffuse light passing through it. This softens the light and reduces glare, creating a more pleasant and comfortable ambiance in the space.

3. Textural Variation: By incorporating fluted glass into modern furniture, designers can introduce a tactile element. The grooves provide a different surface feel compared to smooth glass, adding depth and dimension to the piece.

What Is a Vacuum Plated Finish?

Vacuum plated finish, also known as vacuum metallisation or physical vapour deposition (PVD), is a surface coating technique used to apply a thin layer of metal onto a substrate. In this process, a vacuum chamber is utilised to evaporate the metal material, which then condenses onto the surface of the object, creating a metallic coating.

The result is a durable and visually appealing finish that replicates the appearance of various metals, such as chrome, gold, or silver. Vacuum plated finishes are commonly employed in automotive parts, decorative items, electronics for their decorative and functional properties, and of course, furniture items.

What is the Difference Between Vacuum Plated and Painted Finishes?

Vacuum plated finishes involve depositing a thin layer of metal onto a substrate through a vaporisation process. This creates a metallic appearance that mimics the properties of different metals. Vacuum plating offers high durability and can withstand wear, while providing an authentic metal-like finish

Painted finishes, on the other hand, involve the application of liquid paint or coating onto a surface. Painted finishes offer a broader range of colour options and can achieve various textures and effects.

However, painted finishes may not have the same metallic or reflective properties as vacuum plated finishes. They may also require additional protective coatings to enhance durability.

In summary, vacuum plated finishes utilise a vaporisation process to deposit metal onto a substrate, while painted finishes involve applying liquid paint or coating. Vacuum plated finishes offer a metallic appearance with high durability, whereas painted finishes offer a wider range of colour options but may require additional protection for durability.

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Luxurious Golden Frame Coffee Table with Fluted Glass Top

High Quality Craftsmanship.

Crafted from sturdy stainless steelwith a beautiful gold finish, this luxurious golden frame coffee table has been constructed to the highest standards and is sure to provide many years of faithful service.

The clear tempered glass top adds to its contemporary charm, creating an inviting focal point in any living space. With its timeless design and superior quality, it's the perfect addition to your home decor.

Elegant Golden Frame Design.

The frame of this exquisite coffee table is constructed from high-grade metal to guarantee strength and stability.

Finished with a luxurious golden coating, it adds a hint of class and sophistication to any room in your home. Its sleek lines are juxtaposed with the distinctive fluted glass for contemporary elegance that's timelessly chic.

Sturdy Construction for Maximum Durability.

This golden frame coffee table is constructed with quality materials, providing maximum durability and great performance. The metal frame is sturdy and the glass top adds a classic look while remaining durable and easy to clean. The legs are fastened securely to the frame, ensuring stability and safety when in use.