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How to Incorporate Abstract Wall Art into Any Room

Abstract wall art is an ideal way to spice up any room with a captivating mix of shapes, colours, and texture. This unique artwork provides endless possibilities to explore your personal style and express yourself creatively. Learn how to incorporate abstract wall art into your home and find the perfect piece to make your space stand out!

Consider the Colour Scheme and Focal Point of the Room

When selecting abstract wall art for your home, it’s important to factor in the colour scheme and focal points of the room. Take into account whether your artwork should be bold, muted or neutral in order to bring a cohesive look together. Whether you choose vibrant or subdued tones, abstract art can be a great tool to create a signature style that will bring your living space alive!

Get Creative With Placement Ideas

When you pick out the perfect abstract wall art to hang in your home, use creative placement ideas to help you get the most out of them. Get creative and hang artwork above bathroom mirrors, TVs, bookshelves or any other focal points in rooms. Hanging abstract pieces over a mantle or on a staircase landing can refresh a space in seconds. Consider going even further with wall clusters of several small art pieces grouped together as an unexpected statement. You also can’t go wrong with mixing large and small formats!

Balance the Room with a Variety of Art Types, Textures, and Sizes

To keep a room feeling balanced, create a contrast with different forms of art—mix a variety of abstract paintings, prints, collages and sculptures. Additionally, consider the textures you’d like to add to the wall for an interesting combination of visual tones. Play with a range of sizes too—a large statement piece can be complemented by smaller accent pieces or vice versa. Remember: adding various art pieces that draw attention to different areas of the room can help keep it visually cohesive while making it look more dynamic.

Choose Wall Hangings With Coordinating Colours and Shapes to Enhance Your Space

Adding a few abstract wall hangings with coordinating colours and shapes can add depth to your space. Choose abstract art pieces that incorporate complementary tones like blues, greens and purples for the perfect balance. You can also explore different shapes within the same artwork to unify your entire space, or to make a statement with a particular shape such as circles, triangles or squares. With abstract wall art you have complete control over how it looks in your space, so be creative!

Accessorise with Other Home Décor to Create an Artistic Vibe

Accentuate your abstract wall art with other home décor to create a stylised and cohesive look. Choose pieces that will physically compliment the artwork in terms of shapes, colours and sizes. Think outside the box—you don’t have to limit yourself to wall hangings. Utilise area rugs, throw pillows and plants to supplement your abstract wall art for a finished look. By blending classic items with modern designs, you can create an intriguing and stylish interior that is uniquely yours.