How to Make a Round Coffee Table the Centrepiece of Your Living Space

 A round coffee table is a useful and versatile piece that is particularly suited for smaller spaces. It's just much easier to walk around a table without any angles, and if it doesn't work in the centre of the room, you can easily move it to a corner. That does not mean a larger room needs to miss out on those organic curves. An oversized round coffee table can be a great addition to a more generous space.

Here are some tips for adding round tables to your living space: 
1. Consider your style. If you want to add a touch of luxury and glam, The Gatsby Gold and Fluted glass table range is the perfect addition for a little flair without overwhelming the space. 
Gatsby Gold Coffee Table  
2. Think about functionality. Will you be using your coffee table for storage? If so, choose one with drawers or shelves. If not, maybe a simple design will suffice. 
 Cleo Coffee Table
Mid Century tables, interesting shapes and colours, or round designs featuring classic oak or walnut finishes? Great for modern or coastal room styles.
3. Decide on the perfect size. Measure the space where you plan to put your coffee table and make sure to leave enough room around it for traffic flow. Also, consider whether you want a low or high coffee table. Low tables are great for entertaining because they encourage guests to mingle, while high tables are better for working or eating dinner while watching TV. 
 Lloyd Coffee Table  
4. Don’t forget the little details. Add an extra touch of style with decorative trays, books, candles, or flowers.
Cleo Coffee Table
5 Ensuring enough surface area on top of the coffee table is important as well - both for placing decorations and cups of coffee! Avoid putting anything too bulky on top of a small round table as it could unbalance the proportions of the piece). 
Fira Coffee Table 
6 Be sure that whatever you choose functionality-wise works with the aesthetic you are going for in your living room as well! A round coffee table can help complete the look of any space - just be mindful of these few tips when selecting!  
Round coffee tables are incredibly versatile pieces that can work well in nearly any size or style of a living room - it just might take some careful considerations to select the perfect one for your home! 
We hope these tips helped begin your search for the centrepiece of your living space.
Adam Davies