How to Incorporate a Side Table Into Any Room Design

Side tables are a great way to add style and storage to any room. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, or eclectic look, side tables provide a smart and practical solution for organising items like books, magazines, remote controls and much more. Explore the best ways to use your side table in your living room, bedroom, or other interior spaces now!

Choose the Right Table for Your Space.

When styling a side table, it's important to choose the right size and shape for your space. A round or oval table fits nicely in tight spaces or corners, while an elongated rectangular or square table is ideal for larger areas that need additional surface area. Consider what items you plan on storing and displaying on the side table to ensure it’s appropriately sized.

Pick a Style That Suits Your Decor Theme.

Once you’ve chosen a shape and size that fits your space, the next step is selecting a style that ties together all of the elements of your room’s decor. Consider furniture styles, materials and textures, and colours when deciding which side table is right for you. Traditional wood side tables in natural or stained finishes look great against any type of wall colour. For modern looks, metal, glass or acrylic sides work perfectly, complemented with decorative items on top like stacks of books or artful sculpture. Try incorporating an exotic material like bamboo or rattan for a boho-inspired touch!

Incorporate Height To Draw Attention to the Side Table.

To make the side table stand out and be a focal point, incorporate height into the design. Select a piece that is higher than most of its surroundings like the sofa or other seating options. Clusters of tall candles, decorative vases filled with dried flowers, or statues are perfect ways to bring extra attention to your side table. Make sure to not overcrowd it - try leaving some negative space between items for an airy and organised look.

Add Pops of Colour Through Accessories, Plants and Designer Vases.

To add a decorative touch to your side table design, choose vibrant colours for accessories and home decor. Colourful pillows and throws are great for adding texture to a living room setting. You could also opt for colourful plants such as succulents or designer vases to bring flair to the space. Use simple but eye-catching items - like ornamental vases or sculptures - to complete the design of the side table. Finally, pick colours that complement the rest of your interior decor palette and remember, less is more!