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Create an Oasis with Our Collection of Coastal Wall Art

Transform any room in your home with our eye-catching selection of coastal wall art. Whether you're looking to add a touch of calming tranquillity or vibrant boldness, our collection of decor pieces can bring an oasis of comfort and style to any space.

Choose the Right Coastal Wall Art.

When selecting coastal wall art for your home, it is important to carefully consider the colours and textures of the pieces you choose. Colour plays a big part in setting the tone, so think about which colours you want to be associated with this space. Additionally, consider what type of texture would best fit into the look – smooth lines, intricate abstract designs, or raw natural forms. With careful consideration, you can find or create exactly what you need to outfit your serene oasis.

Incorporate Nature's Elements.

To really evoke that coastal feel, don't forget to bring natural elements into the art. From waves and seashells to sand dunes and starfish - all the beauty from the ocean adds a relaxing touch. If you are aiming for a beachy feel with white sands and clear waters, look for art pieces featuring various shades of blue against organic touches of wood grains or intricate details of driftwood. Alternatively, if you want something more lively with bright sunlight glimmering off dark blues and greens, look for more bold patterns like chevrons or geometric shapes.

Hang Wall Art at Eye Level.

One of the trickiest parts of hanging wall art is finding the right spot. And when it comes to coastal wall art, you’ll want to ensure that your artwork is on display at eye level. Placing it too high or too low can detract from the room and create an awkward balance. Hang your artwork so that it’s at the centre point of your seating area, usually about 57 inches off the ground - then step back and take a look. You should be able to enjoy a full view without straining, and if not, adjust until you reach that perfect balance!

Keep It Simple and Uncluttered.

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to coastal wall art. Too many images and decorations can clash, pulling your eye away from the grandeur of the shoreline while creating a cluttered feel. Consider opting for fewer prints with larger frames or a single large piece that is able to take centre stage in the room. It’s best to start simple and add more pieces over time if you still feel like there's something missing in your nautical paradise.