How to Incorporate Black & White Palm Prints into Your Decor

Create a striking look with black and white palm prints that bring a modern touch to any room. From wall art and furniture to throw pillows and accessories, find out how you can use this classic style to add just the right amount of drama to your home decor.

Embrace the Minimalism

With black and white palm prints, less is often more. Consider employing minimalism when you are incorporating this style into your decor. Black and white prints can instantly transform a room, so you don’t need to overdo it. Let the prints be the star of your design by pairing them with neutral tones like grey or cream to help create a tranquil oasis that still makes an impact.

Balance out with Muted Colours

Use muted colours to set the tone and add some balance when incorporating black and white palm prints into your decor. Deep greys and whites can be used to ground the look, while a cream or taupe hue adds warmth. Opt for warm wood-tone furniture pieces to create an organic feel, while the black and white palm print design adds a bold touch. This juxtaposition will give extra visual interest to your space.

Let Prints Take Centre Stage

Incorporating black and white palms prints into your home decor is all about creating a visual impact. Using larger scale palm prints, such as wallpapers and murals will capture the attention of guests and become a centre of focus in the room. These bold statement pieces can be pared back with accents in similar hues so they take centre stage.

Use it in Unexpected Ways

Black and white palm prints can be easily incorporated into your decor in ways that are unexpected. Incorporate them onto furniture pieces like striped chairs, ottomans, storage bins, side tables, and more. Use the patterned pieces to highlight and contrast key areas in a room and create eye-catching visual effects.