Behind You! Zoom Background Wall Art  

Now that we are getting used to seeing the inside of our colleagues makeshift office space on a daily basis, it's time to up the stakes. I’ve seen it first hand - a new Monstera, a strategically placed throw, a casually over curated colour blocked book stack. With each call a new addition to the backdrop... 

Photo credit  - plantjungle via instagram
Secretly I love it, a little chance to be a bit nosy and get to see the inside of someone else's four walls is exciting after being stuck at home for what seems like an eternity.  
But, when the zoom virtual background no longer cuts it (admit it you’ve tried it for a quick LOL),  reality sets in, the novelty wears off and we concede that we are not in fact taking the call from a deserted tropical island, what is on your wall?

No Karen we don’t really think you’re on a desert island...
Whether it's a gallery wall of photos of loved ones, or print or canvas, it can say a lot about your sense of style and offers us a glimpse into your personality - if we commit to hanging something on the wall it really is out there, so make it count, but don't sweat over it too hard. No matter who you are, or what your taste (see below before and after of someone of questionable taste still attempting to make an effort)
put something on the wall. After all, it doesn't need to to be “art” in the classical sense, that can be a little bit daunting for most of us, but give us something to look at rather than your blank walls while we try to seem interested in yet another meeting to “check in” and confirm that we are actually working - not on that tropical island where we’d all rather be.
When in doubt, stick to what you generally like to surround yourself with. Whether it's cool coastal vibes or the scandi cosy life you crave, take a chance, and when your tastes change (I know I can flip depending on who’s style who I’m channelling on the day) knowing that you haven't had to drop a fortune at Christie's on something that you have to like for years, is also a soothing thought.
For some inspo click here for some prints to pop in a frame or a hanger, or click here to browse the framed collections and take the effort out of it completely, for a ready to hang framed print so we can release our inner voyeur and look into your personal space when we really should be concentrating on that zoom meeting that really could have been an email. 


Hey, i love this. Very funny!

— Adam Davies