It’s been a very wet and soggy year down under. Spring is around the corner and more than ever, we’re craving newness, warmth and sunshine. It’s the perfect time to refresh by adding some spring elements to your room decor. One of the easiest ways to bring these sunny feels good vibes is to update your walls with wall art that looks good and makes you feel just as nice!


Adding spring scenes or colours can enhance the mood of a room and yours too. Botanicals, florals, tropical tones, and coastal scenes are sure to do the trick. Here are our 3 wall art themes inspired by spring.

Cool Calm Coastal 
Beachside and coastal-themed prints can remind you of your favourite getaway or bucket list destination. Sunny skies, summer days or beautiful beachside moments. Family, friends or moments of solitude, the golden sand and hypnotic oceans have a soothing effect in their presence. If you close your eyes you can almost smell the salty air and hear the waves crashing.
If your room style styling takes cues from the coast, muted tones, whites, naturals and blues, then coastal wall art is the way to go. You won’t have to close your eyes to imagine you’re there, beautiful wall art will take you and transport you there.  Soak up the sun from your living room by adding Coastal Wall Art to your walls. 

Fabulous Florals 
Nothing says spring perhaps more than florals. Blossoming flowers bursting with colour and life can be a beautiful addition to your room. Bedrooms, hallways and living rooms or those little blank spaces too small for furniture but the perfect opportunity to add a pop of colour.
Add a selection of floral wall art with your favourite flowers for a patchwork of colour and texture or a single larger print for a more subtle statement. Upgrade your blank walls and bring a little nature inside with floral wall art.

Palm Trees 
Palm Tree Wall Art Seek & Ramble
Palm trees were the symbol of sunshine and tropical destinations or suburban backyards in the 1980s, and Palm sprung up everywhere as part DIY landscaping and have never left. For good reason. They have a particular knack for bringing on those vacation vibes. Sunshine, Sand, ocean swims and Pina Coladas. 
If the effect is that magical then it’s a no-brainer to bring these into your home decor. Lush green palm tree wall art with beach scenes for cool, calm vibes for coastal-inspired room settings or in minimalist room settings, think monochrome Palm tree wall art where natural abstract shapes and forms complement the aesthetic of the room. 
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Adam Davies