How To Add Architecture Abstract Wall Art In Your Home 

Adding something to your walls can be a daunting task. Finding a piece that defines your personality, complements your interior style, and a design that can connect with the observer and share a story can be difficult. 

I’m a bit of a wanderer. Whenever travelling, I love a stroll through the local streets and can often be seen staring up at the skyline. I’m fascinated by how Architecture can be a defining feature of a city or town, how colour contrasts against a blue sky, or natural surroundings, shadows create silhouettes, or how the materials used, create a visual feast for the eyes. 

Capturing these elements into an image can make wonderful additions to walls. If you’re looking for a piece of art or a collection of images that leave the observer in charge of reimagining the story, then Architecture Abstract Wall Art is the way to go! Let your walls tell the story. 

Waikiki Golden Balcony Print


Incorporating pieces that celebrate the shape of view, is a great way to complement architectural elements in your space. If you have an archway take the opportunity to use an image that celebrates curves. If you have a more geometric line that you are working with, create some symmetry where possible to create a pleasing visual flow. Repetitive elements such as the Lots of Waikiki Balconies Print are a great way to add visual stops when you are looking to add a little something to a wall with space to spare. 



A touch of colour is always a great idea to enhance or alter the mood of a space and can be a fun way to add a seasonal update to your space. There’s always a new colour trend on the market but there are some that just won’t quit. Just when we all thought soft pinks were ready to leave us, they managed to come back with a vengeance, albeit in a more subtle tone. 



I really appreciate geometry that conveys an architectural element, for me, it has a strength and resilience that will always be visually pleasing. If your wall is long and straight, a horizontal image would make a complementary addition, in a similar sense, a high wall with bold vertical lines draws the eye up to take full advantage of the height. 

 Waikiki Curved Balconies Wall Art


When you think a more organic shape is more what you’re after, there’s a way to add something that is both recurring optically, and with some lively curves. Not everything in life is straight lines and engineered to perfection, textured renders and softened curves reminiscent of traditional buildings across Europe are perfectly imperfect, and can create a feeling of a softer more forgiving image. 

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Adam Davies

Adam Davies