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Modern and Minimalist Large Circle Coffee Table Ideas

Mid century modern living room furniture can transform your home into a timeless classic. From sofas and chairs, to tables and accents, mid century pieces offer clean lines, rich colors, and an unfiltered style that's perfect for any space. Learn about the different options available and find the best pieces for your home with this guide!

Choose the Right Colour Palette For Your Living Room.

When decorating your mid century modern living room, colour is a great way to set the tone. Choose a few bold colours to contrast neutral shades and create balance. Look for shades that are inspired by nature and classic mid century elements like earthy greens, ochre yellows, and sandy browns. You'll also want to remember to stay away from plain white or black walls - these shades don't add any depth or contrast to your space!

Choose Eye-Catching Furniture Pieces.

The furniture you choose for your mid century living room can make a huge difference in how the space looks and feels. Choose eye-catching pieces that stand out - items with curved lines, crafted designs, unique materials, and interesting shapes. Don't be afraid to mix and match styles and colours to create a modern but cozy atmosphere. If you're looking for some inspiration, take a page from mid century designers like Alberto Giacometti or Charles & Ray Eames.

Look for Decorative Accents that Pop.

While the furniture takes centre stage in your mid century living room, it's the small touches that really pull the look together. Look for decorative accents like pillows, wall hangings, rugs and curtains with bold patterns or colours. Bring in natural elements with house plants, wood items, or cork artwork. You don't have to try to perfectly match everything—in fact, you should strive for a curated but collected feel when selecting decorating pieces.

Maximise Storage and Seating by Investing in Multi-Functional Pieces.

While mid-century modern style is about clean lines and minimalism, there are ways to maximise the storage and seating in your living room. Look for items that can serve multiple purposes such as a bench that can double as storage or an ottoman with a removable tray top. Consider built-in cabinets or shelving units to create more organised and unobtrusive storage solutions. Investing in multifunctional pieces isn't just practical—it also increases the overall look of your space.