Creating a Focal Point with Black and White Palm Prints

Create a unique and stylish focal point in any room with beautiful black and white palm prints. Bring the outdoors indoors with these eye-catching prints, perfect for adding a tropical feel to your home. Get your framed palm print delivered for free today!

Choose the Perfect Prints for Your Space

With so many stunning black and white palm prints available, it can be hard to choose the perfect one for your space! When selecting a print, consider your decor and whether you want bold, bright colours or something more subtle. Also think about the dominant colours in each room and how they will contrast with your chosen palm print. Then, when deciding on the size of print - take into account where exactly you plan to hang it as larger and smaller spaces need different sizes accordingly.

Consider Size and Proportion

Size and proportion are key when it comes to deciding on the right palm print for your space. If the piece is too small, it has little impact, while one that is too large can overpower adjacent items. Consider the size of the room and if you’re hanging multiple pieces, make sure they’re in proportion to each other and properly spaced out. Remember to measure both height and width when deciding on a print size!

Balance for Impact with Symmetrical Placement

When it comes to creating a focal point, optical balance plays an important role. Think about using a symmetrical placement method, framed and centred on your wall or hung side-by-side in two’s or three’s. Remember to take into account the shape of the room and the way light affects the look of black and white artwork. This will help ensure that your palm prints will create maximum impact!.

Accentuate the Artwork with Accessories

Once you have placed your palm prints in the ideal spot for maximum effect, you could consider additional accessories to accentuate the artwork. Small modern side tables and lamps with minimalistic designs placed strategically around the artwork will help to create depth and emphasis. Or add definitive shapes with bookshelves arranged neatly around your wall art!

Utilise Light to Create Dimension and Interest

Consider the natural and artificial lighting in the room where you plan to hang your black and white palm prints. Illuminating the framed wall art will bring out hidden details and ensure any subtle colours captured in your prints can be seen. Try multiple sources of lighting to highlight different aspects of the artwork, such as table lamps or hanging chandeliers to add a touch of drama.