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How to Transform Your Living Space with Bird Wall Art and Framed Prints

Does your living space feel a little dull? Are you looking for a way to add some personality and style to your home? Adding bird wall art and framed prints can be the perfect way to bring life into your home. It’s an easy, affordable way to update the look of any room. Here’s how you can incorporate this decorative option into your living space.

Create a Coastal Style

If you want to bring a coastal vibe into your living room or bedroom, consider adding some wall art with birds. Whether it’s a pair of seagulls soaring above an ocean view or a flock of colourful tropical birds perched on branches, these pieces can evoke feelings of tranquility and relaxation in any room. You could even go for something more abstract, like an image of feathers swooping across a canvas in blues and greys. Choose pieces that inspire feelings of peace, balance, and freedom.


Bird-themed landscapes are also popular options for wall art. Look for scenic shots that feature trees, flowers, and other natural elements alongside birds. These images work great as larger pieces because they offer plenty of detail for viewers to enjoy. Consider using muted colours such as browns and greens or opt for something more vibrant with blues, purples, and pinks to create an eye-catching display on your walls!

Colourful Birds

Another option is to focus solely on the birds themselves by selecting colourful prints featuring various feathered creatures. Whether you choose realistic representations or more whimsical versions such as cartoon illustrations or watercolour paintings, these prints will be sure to add life and character to any room in your house. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for at stores like Target or Hobby Lobby then try searching online – there are plenty of independent artists who specialise in creating beautiful bird wall art that would be perfect for your home!

Match With Existing Decor

When it comes time to select frames for your bird wall art, remember that less is usually more here too! Choose frames that match with existing decor in the room so that the piece blends seamlessly into its surroundings instead of standing out awkwardly (unless you want it too!). For instance, if you have wooden furniture in the room then try choosing frames made from similar materials like wood or wicker – this will help ensure everything looks cohesive aesthetically speaking! On the other hand if there are metal accents then consider going with something glossy like silver or gold instead!

Interesting Captures & Texture

Finally, make sure the prints themselves have interesting captures & texture that will draw people’s eyes towards them when they enter the room! This could mean anything from unique angles or perspectives on birds flying through air up close shots showing off their intricately patterned feathers – whatever catches your eye should do just fine here! Additionally adding texture via textured paper stocks will give each print its own unique character which adds another layer of interest when viewing them from afar!

With these tips in mind, you'll be able to easily transform any room in your home with beautiful bird wall art and framed prints. Not only is this an affordable way to update any space but it also adds character while still being subtle enough not detract from existing decor items already present in the area - making it a win-win all around! So don't hesitate - start browsing today and find some stunning artwork that will bring new life into your living space instantly!