How To With Black & White Wall Art Style

Looking to add something to your walls but not sure what style or colour scheme will work with your existing decor? You cannot go wrong with black and white images or art. Whether your style is classic, coastal, country, modern, playful or off-the-wall, black and white wall art always has a place and for good reason.

In a world so full of colour where every vibrant detail is on display, there is something about being removed from all of that colourful chaos and taking some calm in the simplicity of black and white. I love back-and-white photography and how elements like composition, contrast and tonality engage the viewer with simplicity rather than the overstimulation colour can sometimes provide.

I love this style and have put together my thoughts on how, where and why to display some amazing black and white wall art.

Cityscapes & Architecture

Black & White City Wall Art

The point of adding wall art is not just to fill that space, but to complement your personality and elevate your interior design. A framed print statement piece in the entry or hallway or filling the space above your sofa, showcasing your favourite city or travel location makes for an interesting piece of art and be a wonderful reminder of that special place. Add wall art featuring your favourite building or skyline where the shadows, lines and highlights of the architecture of cityscapes allow your eyes to trace the unique texture and design. The simplicity of the view will be a refreshing break from an overstimulated real world.

Unusual & Abstract

Black & White Abstract Wall Art

Create your own rules when choosing wall art. Often my favourite images are of interesting abstract designs created through random objects. They’re kind of odd but I love how they often make no sense and how the simplicity of an object creating complex and enhanced designs can be breathtakingly beautiful. If your room style is vibrant and full of colour, black and white abstract wall art can complement your interiors with its liveliness yet add a sense of monochromatic calm.

Landscapes and Botanicals

Black & White Botanicals Wall Art

Beautiful landscapes or scenery capture can create a sense of intrigue and mystery when mother nature's colourful brush is stripped back. Add a series of landscapes, coastal scenes or botanicals to your wall without the worry of a colour clash. Choose images with complementary tonal ranges. Balance the range of greys across the collection so you have consistency or if you are after something bold like silhouettes, stay with a limited tonal range and style, go with just black and white. Keep the frames simple, I prefer to stay with black and white frames so the image is the focus, they’ll also ensure versatility with your evolving room style over time