In these crazy times, we could all do with a bit of calm to reset and balance. Everywhere you turn, whether it is your favourite Instagram influencer spruiking an iso workout, celebrities baking or ‘entertaining’ us and the doom and gloom of the news. Before you know it you can’t do another video call, you’ve run out of new shows to watch on Netflix and your Ruby Slippers are three clicks away from heading back to OZ. 

This is not a preaching post to tell you what you should do to beat the Iso blues, more of us sharing the things we love to do to drag ourselves out of the Iso dungeon and into a blissful Iso state. Well as close to it as we can be cooped up in four walls. 
Cue Eye Roll emoji… Our favourite things are about making us feel cozy at home or as the Danish call it, Hygge (pronounced Hue gah). You’ve no doubt heard of Hygge, pronounced the word under your breath and tried to sound it out when no one is around. Go on, give it a go now. It’s Hue gah. Again, hue-gah! 

Ok, now we have that out of the way, it is the Danish word for things cosy and is associated with feelings of wellness and contentment. According to the World Happiness Ranking Report (March 2020), Scandinavia dominates the latest polls with Denmark having two cities in the top 10 Current Life Evaluation ranking. Australia’s ranking, nothing to be sneezed at with 4 cities in the top 20!
Now, we are not going to sprout a bunch of stats about the World Happiness Report, truth be known we didn’t read all of it. But what we do know is the Danish must be doing something right and us Aussies are still ‘Lucky!’

So, our top tips for staying lucky and creating a cosy home with feelings of contentment are as follows!

1/ Coffee!
A good bloody cup of coffee! For those of us who are having withdrawals from our favourite coffee or our favourite Barista, do yourself a favour and fix this right away. Put the kettle on, grind some beans, open a fresh pack of instant arabica and inhale. Inhale, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8… hold 1,2,3,4… exhale 2,3,4. Now sip and repeat while you dream about that handsome Barista and the Tiny Teddy that adorns your take-away compostable lid.

We are fortunate enough to have a coffee grinder at home. Our favourite coffee beans are from the amazing Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville. Currently blending Goodness Gallileo, - A solid day starter secure with chocolate, nuts and caramels.

Check back in soon for the following 4 tips! 
Team S&R
Tess Miguel