STILL NO PLACE LIKE HOME - Lockdown Tips pt2

Isolation has lifted a little but the home still feels like the best place to be right now. Following on from part one, here are our remaining Iso tips!

2/ Candles
We know, so cliched! But you know what, it feels nice to light that wick, capture the smell of sulphur dioxide as the wick bursts into life and catch a glimpse of the flame gently flickering in the corner of your eye. It doesn’t have to be dark to enjoy the crisp scent of lemongrass drifting around the room. Breathe in!

Winter & Co Dagger Candle 

Our favourite candles right now are Dagger from Winter and Co, dark, masculine and soft calming aroma. We’ve also just burned through the
Cannabis scent from the PF Candle Co. collection stocked at Noel & Gladys. Their range is inspired by everyday things. We love the labelling and packaging, you can even reuse the jar. Peace out man!

3/ Card Games 
Now this one can be tricky when you have a pack that requires two players so if you're alone you may need the online version. Our choice today is the Monopoly Deal Card game. SKIPBo and UNO are always on the list but this card game based on the board game has us obsessed. It’s got all the scheming and strategic moves of the board game that brings out your inner JR Ewing but unlike the hours the board game can take, this one is over in about 15 mins!
The pack is only $10 from Kmart and is best enjoyed with that Coffee in point one! 

4/ Give your room life
When you’re in and out of your house each day as part of our normal routine, it’s easy to forget that you have not replaced that dying plant or that you still haven’t replaced that dusty old piece of art or print on that sad wall.

When you are staring at the same walls day in day out you owe it to yourself to give them a present. Give that withered plant back to nature and bring home something green and bursting with life. Water it, talk to it & care about it. That new green baby on your wall or in the corner of your room will add colour and life to your room. When you water it, and it grows (and it will!) it will make you smile every time you see a new leaf so remind yourself to talk to it, give it a name if that's easier, and keep checking for those positive life vibes!
Time for a new piece of art. It's time to replace that tired print on your wall, the one you picked up at the local market stall years ago. You know you’ve only kept it because deep down you know you paid too much for it. Let’s face it, it never matched your decor, your friends don’t like it either and it makes you mad that someone has been making a living out of your hangover purchases. 
Shameless plug but we've been framing some of our favourite prints from
Our latest print, featuring palm trees from Surfers Paradise in soft muted tones, is a nice reminder of the calm a beach has to offer... even amongst the craziness of the Gold Coast. 

Gold Coast Palms Framed Print - Seek & Ramble

5/ Meditation or quiet time 
We don’t care what the naysayers or the sceptics say, we have found meditation to be an amazing way to slow down the mind and be kinder to ourselves. 


For us that is popping on some headphones, playing our favourite CALM session and spending a half-hour or so practising breathing. Techniques. We like to do this regularly, daily if possible, as it takes practice training that overworked mind when all it wants to do is convince you that everything outstanding needs to be done at this very moment and you are the worst person in the world. Not true! 
There’s no Shirley Gilroy Tepee in this house, just a quiet space, some headphones and a comfy seat. Namaste
When points 1-5 don't do the trick our point 6 or plan b is to open a bottle of red, pop on some tunes and try 1-5 again tomorrow. Take care of yourselves. 
Tess Miguel