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How to Decorate a Mid Century Modern Room: Tips & Tricks

Adding the classic yet contemporary touch of mid century modern style to your home can create a unique and inviting atmosphere. Learn how to achieve this look in any room of your house with our helpful tips and tricks.

Choose a Neutral Palette.

A neutral colour palette is a must-have for achieving the mid-century modern look. Look to colours like earth tones, muted grey and olive green, and navy as a starting point. Anchor the room with these colours, then add pops of colour using retro prints, patterned textiles, or brass and wood accents to give it just the right flair.

Embrace Mid-Century Modern Design Elements.

Incorporating key design elements is the best way to get the authentic mid-century modern look. Add in furniture pieces with clean lines and minimal shapes, as well as distinct accents like split-level tabletops, tapered legs, and curved arms. These distinctive features are now often found in contemporary designs – it's easy to find inexpensive items that will give your room an updated retro look.

Incorporate Geometric Patterns & Shapes 

Infuse your decor with geometric shapes and prints to help create an authentic mid-century modern look. Popularised during the 1950s, these patterns are characterised by their symmetrical, linear details that often feature intersecting circles, triangles, and squares. Incorporate geometric patterns into your decor through rugs, pillows, wall art, or furniture - like a coffee table with a three-dimensional patterned top.

Bring in Natural Textures & Wood Accents 

To truly capture the essence of mid-century modern design, choose furniture and decor that bring natural textures and wood accents into the room. A piece of cedar furniture, a rattan chair, or even a woven jute rug can create an instantly cozy atmosphere while still carrying out the timeless look you are aiming for.

Showcase Elegant Lighting Fixtures

A great way to tie all the elements together in your mid-century modern room is to install stylish lighting fixtures. Look for lamps, wall sconces, and chandeliers that highlight sleek lines and geometric shapes and showcase warm metal accents. Try to aim for a balance of light and dark colours when selecting fixtures but don’t be afraid to play with bright or vibrant hues as well!