How to Style Your Room with Industrial-Style Coffee and Side Tables

Are you looking for an easy way to add a modern touch to your living space?Incorporating industrial-style coffee and side tables can be the perfect way to bring an updated look to any room. Read on for some tips on how to choose the right pieces, as well as ideas on how to accessorise them.

Selecting the Right Pieces

When selecting industrial-style tables, it's important to consider the colour palette and materials in the room that you'd like to incorporate into the new pieces. For example, if your room has exposed brick walls or a lot of metal finishes, then opt for tables with metal frames, glass or wood tabletops, and rustic detailing. If you have earthy tones in your décor, try tightly woven wicker tables with wooden legs. Another great way to inject industrial style without going full-on metallic is by choosing pieces with interesting shapes such as round coffee tables with detached legs for a mid-century modern feel.

Accessorising Your Tables

Once you've chosen your new industrial-style tables, it's time to think about accessorising them! Consider adding plants and other greenery around your table for an inviting atmosphere. Additionally, try incorporating candles or other decorative items such as books and vases that will help tie together your overall design aesthetic. Finally, don't forget about lighting! A few strategically placed lamps will help create a warm glow in your living space while also highlighting the unique structure of your new industrial-style furniture pieces.

Adding industrial-style coffee and side tables is an easy way to give any room a modern touch without having to do a complete overhaul of the existing decor. When selecting these pieces, consider both colour palette and materials so that they complement what’s already present in the room. With thoughtful accessorising using plants, candles, lamps, books and vases, you can create a cozy atmosphere that beautifully showcases these stylish furniture items!