Bring the Seaside Into your Home with these Nautical Wall Art Ideas

Add a touch of the seaside to your home with these beautiful nautical wall art ideas. Discover how make your walls look like you live by the sea without having to leave your living room!

Seaside Posters and Wall Art

Wall art is one of the best ways to bring a seaside feel into your home. Look for posters and wall art featuring boats, lighthouses, and other classic nautical images. Consider the colours you want to use as part of your seaside theme - blues and white evoke an ocean feel - then select artwork in these colours or featuring these colours in its design. Look for posters and artwork that is high-quality and reflects the coastal theme you want to create.

Beach Scene Topics

Beach scene topics are classic when it comes to nautical wall art. Whether it's a sandy beach with crashing waves, a fishing village in an idyllic harbour, or a cozy beach cottage, you can find wall art that captures the essence of coastal living. Look for posters and artwork featuring charming beach scenes of all types - including traditional paintings, modern abstracts, cartoonish takes on nature scenes, and more. To complete your seaside look, mix and match different pieces of wall art that reflect the various topics of life by the beach.

Create a mural with navy, blue and white stripes or anchors.

Add a touch of the nautical to your wall art with a mural featuring navy blue, white and blue stripes or an anchor motif. A mural would look great in bathrooms, bedrooms or even kitchens for that seaside look on any wall. The combination of bold blues, contrasting whites and geometric patterns will liven up any wall space. Some ideas include painting a chevron pattern around room edges, adding rope designs around window frames or incorporating anchors into the borders of mirrors.

Seaside wall art ideas.

Incorporate an array of ocean elements into the wall art in your home to create a unique nautical look. Hang an old fishing net filled with shells, starfish or driftwood on the wall, along with a few rustic anchors. Sure to add charm and character to any living space, this fishing net wall art would look great in dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Anchor prints are also popular choices for wallpaper, canvas paintings or decals; perfect for bringing that seaside vibe into your home!

Use coral art for a pop of colour.

There are a lot of nautical art pieces you can use to inject colour into your wall decor. Large pieces of coral, for example, can be set against contrasting walls or shelves to make them pop. Coral is an especially attractive sight when combined with other coastal elements such as starfish and sea shells. Coral art is used most effectively when hung near a window so that the sunlight brings out the colours in intricate detail.