Creative Ideas for Decorating With Black and White Prints

Black and white prints can be used to create a striking contemporary interior design. Whether you opt for abstract artwork, funky photography or detailed line drawings, the right selection of prints will help you transform your home into a stylish and modern space. Explore more about framed black and white prints below. 

 Choose large prints with a standout subject.

When it comes to creating impact with black and white prints, size really does matter. Choose at least one large print that features an attention-grabbing subject for a bold contemporary look. Whether it's a striking skyline or a close-up of an animal in the wild, this focal point will draw the eye and add immediacy to your design.

Find complementary colour accents.

Black and white prints don’t need to be the only art on your wall - use them as a base from which to build. Find items in complementary colours, such as modern amber, beige and pale green or blue-grey tones, and arrange them around your black and white prints for a sophisticated and eye-catching look. A few carefully placed vases in twisty silhouettes or interesting abstract sculptures will help create balance and add warmth to the cool black-and-white palette.

Use creative layering of multiple pieces.

Multiple black and white prints can be used in interesting ways to create an even more eye-catching effect. Layer different sizes, shapes and styles of prints and frames against a single backdrop. This technique creates texture and depth - something that a single piece of artwork may lack. Experimenting with this layering technique is an easy way to instantly upgrade the look of your home without having to buy additional pieces.

Incorporate texture and depth with framing choices.

Framing is another great way to densify a wall with multiple black and white prints. Group framed black and white prints with different frame colours, widths and sizes to create an abstract pattern. This layering effect will bring even more depth to the overall design of your interior space. Select frame styles that fit the style of your home for a cohesive look. Try mixing metal, acrylic, wood and textured frames in varying dimensions for an artistic display.

Don't forget to accessorise!

Adding accessories to the black and white prints will create dimension and tie the elements of your room together. Include items like planters, bookends, lamps, sculptures or other decorative pieces with subtle colour accents to contrast with the strong contrast of the print. Try adding a pop of colour or texture such as a bright hued throw pillow on a sofa, a basket filled with yarns or vintage books for an eclectic look. Accessorising can be as minimal or dramatic as you’d like, but don’t forget—less is more when it comes to framed black and white prints.