Refund policy


At Seek & Ramble, we want each product you purchase to be exactly what you need. That's why we design them with extra care - so that they make your life a little better! But if things don't go as planned or the item isn't quite right for you, then no worries at all: We've got an easy-to-follow returns policy just in case.

Our Return Policy adheres to the Australia’s Consumer Laws which ensures we do the right thing, and you are provided nothing less than total satisfaction on any of our products! Now that sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

The Return

Need to return a purchase? Not to worry - returns are easy! Contact us within 30 days of receipt and we'll get the process rolling. Just keep in mind that there may be conditions for eligibility, so better check them before you contact us to ship your goods back!

  1. In As new condition

If you’re thinking of returning a product, make sure it's in top condition! We don't accept any items that have scratches, stains, or damages - so if your item is looking worse for wear then unfortunately it won't be eligible for refund. And even when an item does pass the test on looks alone, we'll still reserve our right to not provide a return if there's evidence of misuse or inadequate care has been taken.

Contact us and provide images so we can determine the item qualifies for a refund.

Note: As new conditions means the item is unused and can be repackaged as new. This includes a damage free box.

  1. Restocking fees.

We won’t charge a restocking fee if the item has been approved to return based on As New Condition. If for some reason the item is not in As New Condition, we may still approve a return and refund. This is solely at Seek & Rambles discretion and will attract a 30% restocking fee charged per ‘line total price’ of the returned item in your Tax Invoice; this fee is deducted from your refund.

  1. Please return the items in the original packaging,

Before sending us your return items, make sure you pack them safely and securely using the original packaging. If that's not possible, use whatever materials are around to protect it from damage during transit - just know the 30% repackaging/restocking fee will be charged if items are returned not in As New Condition.

The Refund

Please note that there if there is a 30% restocking fee charged per ‘line total price’ of the returned item in your tax invoice; this fee is deducted from your refund.

When returning items, remember to add the item back into its original packaging - otherwise you could be charged a 30% restocking fee! Shipping and service fees are also non-refundable as this service has been provided regardless of change of mind. 

We want to make returning your items as fast and easy as possible – that's why we'll start processing refunds within 48hr business days of receiving all returned goods at our warehouse. Any refund amount will be returned via the original payment method and to the name of the account in the same name who made the original sale order. It's all part of making sure things are kept safe and sound!

In the event this is not possible funds will be processed into a valid Bank Account. Please note that we will only remit refunds to an Australian bank account and where the name of the bank account holder matches the payor’s name/information.

Return items attract a return delivery fee. - please contact us for a quote.

Note: even if the item ships free there will be a return ship fee. As we often subsidise shipping fees, the return fee may be higher than the shipping fee paid. You may be required to print a return label or drop off the item to the local AusPost of courier service.


Worried about changing or cancelling your order? No problem! Just contact us before your items ship and you won't face additional charges. But don’t wait too long - once it's dispatched, any changes could incur extra charges including another shipping fee. If the order is cancelled after dispatch, shipping will not be refunded.

Refunds will be processed once the order has confirmed returned not dispatched. Any refund amount will be returned via the original payment method and to the name of the account in the same name who made the original sale order. It's all part of making sure things are kept safe and sound!

If an item has already been dispatched, a refund will be completed within 48hrs of the item being returned to the warehouse. 

Cancellation of Orders with Discount Voucher

If you cancel any item(s) in your order that had a discount voucher or coupon applied, the refund will be based on what you actually paid after taking into consideration each line item’s value. The amount of discount for each item will vary depending upon its purchase price compared to other products ordered and the total value of discounts given through vouchers/coupons.

When you cancel items from your order, the full amount of a discount voucher won't be refunded or re-allocated to what remains in the revised purchase. But don’t worry – whatever discounts were originally applied will stay in effect for all remaining item(s).

Discount codes and vouchers are single-use only. They cannot be transferred or reused in any manner.


What if the quality of the image is not what i expected?

We want you to be happy with your product. If something is wrong please contact us so we can replace or organise a refund within 7 days of receiving your item. 

What if my i miss my delivery or the wrong address has been added?

If the item is unable to be delivered it will be returned back to the printer. A second delivery fee will be incurred to have the item shipped again. If you decide to cancel the item after a delivery has been attempted a refund will not be provided.